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A fascinating drop of land in the East Sea, Phu Quy is yet another of Vietnam’s previously ‘unknown’ islands that’s recently opened its doors to domestic and foreign travelers. A flat, green island rising gently to two volcanic peaks, Phu Quy is very isolated – far out in the ocean, 120km east of Phan Thiet on the mainland.

About 120km east of Phan Thiet, Phu Quy Island is way out there, all on its own in the East Sea. Đảo Phú Qúy, which means ‘Island of Precious Riches’ or ‘Rich and Precious Isle’ in Vietnamese, has only recently opened to tourism.

There are many reasons to visit Phu Quy including stunning seascapes, remote natural beauty, and rustic charm. Think big bays, volcanic-rock cliffs, crystal-clear waters, sacred sites, flourishing fruit orchards, and wild green forests. Hikers and snorkelers will be in heaven here, as there are viewpoints to climb to and coral reefs to explore.

Itinerary :

Day 1:  HCMC – Phu Quy

6:00 departure from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet (by bus/car)

12:00 Go to Phu Quy by Express Ferry

15:00 Arrive at Phu Quy – check in a homestay – rest

16:30 Visit Trieu Duong Bay- The longest and widest beach on Phu Quy Pearl Island. Coming to this place, visitors will not be surprised by the beauty as well as the landscape here, a place that has not yet been visited by many people, so the beach here is still very wild and very clean.

18:30: Dinner

Day 2: Discover Hon Tranh, Lang Duong aquarium, Ganh Hang

7:30: Start to visit Hon Tranh - the largest island among 10 small islands around Phu Quy, Binh Thuan. Hon Tranh is as beautiful as a masterpiece of nature and attracts a lot of tourists to visit. Enjoy unspoiled beauty and unbelievable attractions at Hon Tranh.

Snorkeling  to see corals and fishes at Vung Phat Bay, taking pictures, and swimming at the “Lake of Happiness”

12:00: have lunch at the Floating House– rest

14:00: Visit Lang Duong aquarium: Also known as Lang Duong Fish Pond or Ganh Hang Dam, this abandoned ‘fishery’ is now an informal aquarium. Long ago, stone walls were built to capture seawater, but trap small fish and shrimp. Walk through the low walls to explore the ruins, spotting small sea creatures along the way.

15:00: Ganh Hang impresses visitors by a steep cliff standing close to the sea, all year round the waves crash into white foam creating a majestic scene, while Bai Nho right at the foot of the hill fascinates people. Viewed by a small white crescent-shaped sand beach that is smooth and pure is extremely poetic.

The seawater at Bai Nho - Ganh Hang is not only as blue as the sky but also clear, allowing you to admire the beautiful coral reefs on the seabed even when standing on the shore. On the sandy beach, it is adorned with crude black cliffs with many strange shapes reaching out to the sea to create an extremely wild and airy scene.

Take your time to enjoy the view and swimming.

18:30 Dinner

Day 3: Visit Cao Cat Peak and back to HCMC

7:00 Cao Cat Peak: At 106m above sea level, this sacred mountain is one of the highest spots on the island. Over time, the volcanic rocks have eroded to form deep grooves featuring visually arresting horizontal lines. Climb to the top to see why it’s dubbed, “the Grand Canyon of Vietnam”. This is also the location of the Linh Son Pagoda, a monastery boasting a particularly majestic statue of Buddha. Worshippers pilgrimage here to pay for peace

8:30 Phu Quy lighthouse: Another stunning vantage point is from the lighthouse, at the foot of Cam Mountain west of the port. Climb the stairs to enjoy the kind of sweeping views that make you marvel at the vastness of this beautiful world. Entry is free. But be sure to leave a donation to contribute to the upkeep of this attractive landmark.

10:00 Check out

11:00 Take Express Ferry back to Phan Thiet

14:30 Bus/car back to HCMC

19:00 back to Ho Chi Minh

End of the tour

HOTLINE : 0933606159

Bao gồm/Chưa bao gồm

Sleeping Bus / Private Car (Van)
English Speaking Guide during the trip
Ferry Express fee
Mineral water (1 bottle/pax/day)
Pick-up and Drop-off at your hotel
Food and drinks, other than those detailed itinerary
Tip and personal expenses (Telephone call...)

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